The Garden In March

Spring will soon be tempting us to get working in the garden. Our staff are returning to get things ready for you in the Nursery. There are chores to get the garden ready and we would be pleased to give you inspiration and advice. Below are some things to look for:

  • Seed racks have arrived. Browse through all the seeds.
  • Pick up a free catalogue from West Coast Seeds. This is a valuable reference for anyone growing vegetables.
  • Bare root fruit trees have arrived and our selection is at its best. Check our Fruit Tree Page for what we carry this Spring. These inexpensive trees should be planted as soon as you get them home. Do some planning and preparation before picking them up.
  • Trees and shrubs can be safely planted in moist conditions of Spring. We will be starting to fill our display beds with fresh stock and will have a complete selection by mid-March.
  • Garden beds can be covered with soil conditioners such as compost or Sea Soil. This will revitalize the soil when dug in. The soil is best worked when it is not too wet.
  • Established plants in the garden will benefit from an application of general purpose fertilizer in March, before their first growth spurt.
  • Moss killer can be applied during dry spells. It requires 48 hours without rain to become active.
  • Lime helps to prevent moss (it is not a moss killer) and supplies nutrients. It is best applied during wet weather that washes it into the soil.
  • Roses, hydrangeas and other summer flowering shrubs should be pruned in March.
  • Spring flowering shrubs (those that bloom before mid-June) should be pruned after blooming.

Do not forget to take time off to enjoy all the flowers that show up as the days get longer and warmer!

Vegetable Planting Chart for Coastal BC

We are getting many enquiries as to what to seed and when, or what to plant and when! Luckily, West Coast Seeds has provided an excellent planting chart for our area. To view their planting chart which includes information on when to start your seeds indoors, when to direct seed outdoors, when to transplant, cover your seedlings and transplant and cover your vegetables view their chart here.

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery