Fall Gardening

We are now into shorter days with cooler temperatures and hopefully periods of rain. Summer colour will begin to fade as we transition into our next season. Remove annuals and cut back perennials as the foliage deteriorates. Plants with fall colour can be planted now and beds prepared for winter. Below is a short list of jobs in the garden.


  • Remove weeds - they can keep growing all winter and sow their seeds.
  • Plant: Pansies, Mums, Kale, For-get-me-nots, Wallflowers and English Daisy for fall and spring colour.
  • Let Dahlia tops die back before digging and storing. In protected locations with well-draining soil they can be left in the ground.
  • Plant bulbs in October or by November as beds become available. Select your bulbs now while we still offer a good selection. Popular varieties will be sold out soon.
  • Fertiize evergreens with low N fertilizer to improve colour. Use winter fertilizer such as our 6-9-18.


Lawns are comng out of their summer dormancy and returning to green. Fertilize with winter lawn food (6-9-18) to keep the grass healthy through the winter. Cut grass a little higher for the winter. Growth stops in November and the mower can be put away. New lawns should be seeded by early October if they are to be established for the winter. Later seeding results in slower establishment.

Plants with Winter Colour

Shrubs with Colour: Heathers, Viburnum (Spring Bouquet, Pink Dawn), Pieris, Chinese Witchhazel, Sweet Box, Pussy Willow and more.

Plants with Berries: Pyracantha, Cotoneaster, Rose Hips, Crabapples, Hawthorne, Heavenly Bamboo, Skimmia, Wintergreen, Pernettya.

Plants with Attractive Branches and Trunks: Japanese Maples, Birchbark Cherry, Paperbark Maple, Birch, Shrub dogwood (red and yellow twig).

Vegetable Planting Chart for Coastal BC

We are getting many enquiries as to what to seed and when, or what to plant and when! Luckily, West Coast Seeds has provided an excellent planting chart for our area. To view their planting chart which includes information on when to start your seeds indoors, when to direct seed outdoors, when to transplant, cover your seedlings and transplant and cover your vegetables view their chart here.

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery