Spring Gardening

Spring has been long and cool this year. This is great for planting trees, shrubs and perennials but has delayed the planting of tender flowers by several weeks. Below are some activities to consider if you are not sure where to start.

  • As your spring flowering shrubs finish blooming, check to see if they need pruning. Thin out the weaker branches and cut back the longer shoots for a tighter form before the new growth starts.
  • Mulch and fertilize the garden. Spread a rich dark garden mulch and fertilizer under the drip line of your shrubs. We have products such as Fish Soil and all purpose fertilizer 12-16-12 or organic 5-2-4 to keep your plants healthy.
  • Knock down weeds with a hoe while they are small. They thrive in this moist weather and can overwhelm your garden.
  • Cool season vegetables can go in now. These include peas, lettuce radish, spinach, cold crops and onions..
  • Have your beds ready for planting warm season annuals and vegetables. The soil should be turned over with fresh organic material such as Fish Soil or compost. Once temperatures are in the high teens or 20's, plants such as tomatoes and geraniums can be set out.

With increasing temperatures, we can look forward to being outside as nature bursts forth with colour and that feeling of renewal as fresh growth appears. The garden is a great place to be as activities move outdoors after a long cool spring.

Visit us regularly as the plant selection is changing as the season progresses!

Vegetable Planting Chart for Coastal BC

We are getting many enquiries as to what to seed and when, or what to plant and when! Luckily, West Coast Seeds has provided an excellent planting chart for our area. To view their planting chart which includes information on when to start your seeds indoors, when to direct seed outdoors, when to transplant, cover your seedlings and transplant and cover your vegetables view their chart here.

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery