Roses for 2018

Below is a list of roses that we will have in stock for 2018. Some of the specialty varieties that we carry are not listed here, as the selection is always changing. Roses will be available mid March.

Please inquire for current availability and for varieties that you do not see here.

Many of our roses are supplied by Weeks Roses and Pan American Nursery Products. You may wish to view their websites for more details about the individual varieties.

Bonica Rose
Bonica Rose

Mr. Lincoln
Mr. Lincoln

Class Variety Colour Fragrance
Climber America Salmon Pink Heavy Clove
Climber Blaze Medium Red Light
Climber Blossomtime Pink/darker reverse Strong
Climber Don Juan Dark Red Heavy
Climber Fourth of July Red, White Stripe Strong
Climber Golden Cascade Golden Yellow Strong
Climber Golden Showers Daffodil Yellow Medium
Climber Henry Kelsey (explorer) Red Moderate Spicy
Climber John Cabot (explorer) Deep Pink Strong
Climber Joseph's Coat Red-Yellow Blend Light
Climber Laguna Deep Pink Strong
Climber Night Owl Wine Purple Moderate
Climber Pinata Yellow/red edge Light/fruity
Climber Purple Splash Wine purple/White Moderate Spice
Climber Sally Holmes White Slight
Climber Westerland Apricot Orange Strong
Climber White Dawn Clear White Moderate
Mini Climber Cupid's Kisses Pink/White Moderate
Mini Climber Valentine's Day Deep Red Velvet Slight
Climber-Rambler Malvern Hills - DA Soft Yellow Noisette
Climber-Rambler The Albrighton RamblerDA Soft Pink Light Musk
Climber-Rambler The Lady of the Lake - DA Blush Pink Strong
David Austin
David Austin Abraham Darby Apricot Blend Strong
David Austin Boscobel Rich Salmon Strong Myrrh
David Austin Brother Cadfael Clear Pink Strong
David Austin Carding Mill Apricot/Pink Strong Myrrh
David Austin Charles Darwin Rich Yellow Strong
David Austin Crocus Rose Cream Light Tea
David Austin Crown Princess Margareta Apricot/Orange Strong
David Austin Darcey Bussell Deep Crimson Medium Fruity
David Austin Falstaff Dark Crimson Strong Old Rose
David Austin Gertrude Jekyll Rich Pink Strong
David Austin Golden Celebration Coppery Gold Strong Honey
David Austin Graham Thomas Yellow Strong Tea Rose
David Austin Heritage Soft Pink Strong Musk
David Austin Jubilee Celebration Salmon Pink Very Strong/Fruity
David Austin Lady Emma Hamilton Orange-Yellow Strong
David Austin Lady of Shallot Pale Copper Medium Tea
David Austin Lichfield Angel Creamy White Light
David Austin Mary Rose Medium Pink Strong Old Rose
David Austin Munstead Wood Deep Crimson Strong
David Austin Olivia Rose Austin Candy Floss Pink Strong Old Rose
David Austin Port Sunlight Apricot Strong Tea
David Austin St. Swithun Soft Pink Strong Myrrh
David Austin Strawberry Hill Warm Pink Very Strong Myrrh
David Austin Susan Williams-Ellis White Strong Old Rose
David Austin Tamora Apricot Strong Lilac
David Austin Teasing Georgia Rich Yellow Strong Tea
David Austin Tess of the d'Urbervilles Deep Crimson Medium Old Rose
David Austin The Generous Gardner Pale Pink Strong
David Austin The Lark Ascending Soft Apricot Medium Tea
David Austin The Pilgrim Soft Yellow Strong
David Austin The Poets Wife Strong Yellow Very Strong
David Austin Tranquility White Medium Fruity
David Austin Winchester Cathedral White Strong Old Rose
David Austin Young Lycidas Purple Magenta Strong
Floribunda Angel Face Dp.Mauve Lavender Heavy Old Rose
Floribunda Arch. Desmond Tutu Deep Red Medium
Floribunda Distant Drums Orchid Pink/Tan Moderate Myrrh
Floribunda Europeana Dark Red Slight
Floribunda Florescence Orange Blend Strong
Floribunda Honey Perfume Apricot Yellow Spicy
Floribunda Iceberg White Strong
Floribunda Intrigue Plum/Purple Strong
Floribunda Julia Child Butter Gold Strong
Floribunda Ketchup & Mustard Red/Yellow reverse Mild
Floribunda Marina Orange/Yellow Moderate
Floribunda Moondance Creamy White Light
Floribunda Polar Express White Strong
Floribunda Rainbow Sorbet Pink/Orange/Yellow Moderate
Floribunda Sexy Rexy Pink Light
Floribunda Sheila's Perfume Yellow Strong Rose
Floribunda Showbiz Red Light
Floribunda Summer Romance Soft Pink Strong
Floribunda Summer Sun Salmon Orange Mild
Floribunda Sunsprite Deep Yellow Strong
Floribunda The Fairy (Polyantha) Pastel Pink Mild
Floribunda Vavoom Orange Moderate
Grandiflora About Face Gold/Orange Light
Grandiflora Ch-Ching Lemon Yellow Strong
Grandiflora Dick Clark Cream/Pink Edging Moderate
Grandiflora Gold Medal Gold tipped Copper Moderate
Grandiflora Love Red/White Slight
Grandiflora Miss Congeniality White/Pink Picotee Moderate
Grandiflora Sunshine Daydream Soft Yellow Light
Grandiflora Twilight Zone Purple Strong
Grandiflora White Lightnin' Clear White Strong
Hybrid Tea
Hybrid Tea Anastasia Crystal White Slight
Hybrid Tea Beverly Vibrant Pink Strong
Hybrid Tea Big Purple Grape Juice Purple Strong
Hybrid Tea Crimson Glory Dark Red Strong
Hybrid Tea Double Delight Cream/Red Strong
Hybrid Tea Esmerelda Medium Pink Moderate
Hybrid Tea Eternal Flame Soft Yellow Strong
Hybrid Tea Fragrant Cloud Bright Coral Red Heavy Old Rose
Hybrid Tea Francis Meilland Soft Pink Strong
Hybrid Tea Granada Gold/Peach/Pink Strong
Hybrid Tea Grande Amore Dark Red Strong
Hybrid Tea John F. Kennedy White Heavy
Hybrid Tea Just Joey Apricot Strong
Hybrid Tea Liverpool Remembers Orange/Silver reverse Strong
Hybrid Tea Love and Peace Pink/Yellow Tones Strong
Hybrid Tea Marilyn Monroe Apricot Cream Mild
Hybrid Tea Mister Lincoln Deep Red Heavy
Hybrid Tea Paradise Lavender/Red Edge Strong
Hybrid Tea Pascali Creamy White Light
Hybrid Tea Peace G. Yellow edged Pink Slight
Hybrid Tea Perfume Delight Vibrant Pink Strong
Hybrid Tea Pope John Paul II Pure White Strong
Hybrid Tea Rio Samba Yellow/Orange Light
Hybrid Tea Sov. Baden Baden Pink Medium Fruity
Hybrid Tea Sunny Daze Clear Yellow Strong
Hybrid Tea Traviata (Romantica) Vibrant Red Strong
Hybrid Tea Tropicana Orange Red Strong
Hybrid Tea Whiskey Mac Bronze Yellow Slight
Hybrid Tea Winter Sun Light Yellow Slight
Landscape Flower Carpet - Amber Apricot Slight
Landscape Flower Carpet - Pink Sup Hot, Double Pink Slight
Landscape Flower Carpet - Red Red Slight
Landscape Flower Carpet - Yellow Yellow Slight
Landscape Royal Bonica Vivid Pink Moderate
Landscape Scarlet Meidiland Brilliant Scarlet Light
Landscape White Meidiland Pure White Light
Groundcover Rainbow Happy Trails Yellow/Pink Slight
Groundcover Sunshine Happy Trails Yellow Moderate
Patio - 18" All a'Twitter Brilliant Orange Light
Patio - 18" Coffee Bean rust/Smoke Bicolour Mild Tea
Patio - 18" Tiddly Winks Orange-Pink/Yellow Light
Patio - 24" Europeana Deep Crimson Light
Patio - 24" Iceberg White Strong
Patio - 24" Sunsprite Deep Yellow Strong
Patio - 36" Sunsprite Deep Yellow Strong
Shrub Bonica Pink Moderate
Shrub Cape Diamond Pure Pink Strong Spicy
Shrub Cinco De Mayo Red Slight Apple
Shrub Double Knockout Red Slight
Shrub Emily Carr Deep Red Slight
Shrub Midnight Blue Velvet Dark Purple Strong
Shrub Scarlet Meidiland Brilliant Scarlet Light
Shrub White Meidiland Pure White Light
Flower Carpet Amber Apricot Slight
Flower Carpet Appleblossom Pastel Pink Slight
Flower Carpet Pink Supreme Hot, Double Pink Slight
Flower Carpet Scarlet Scarlet Slight
Flower Carpet White White Slight
Flower Carpet Yellow Yellow Slight
Shrub-Rugosa Blanc de Coubert Bright White Strong
Shrub-Rugosa Frau Dagmar Light Pink Slight
Shrub-Rugosa Hansa Reddish Violet Strong
Shrub-Rugosa Purple Pavement Crimson Moderate
Shrub-Rugosa Rugelda (Pavement series) Yellow/Pink Fringe Moderate
Shrub-Rugosa Rugosa 'Alba' White Slight
Shrub-Rugosa Snow Pavement White Moderate
Shrub-Rugosa Topaz Jewel Butter Yellow Moderate
Miniature Be My Baby Pink Mild Apple
Miniature Diamond Eyes Purple Black Strong
Miniature Gourmet Popcorn Bright White Strong
Miniature Ruby Ruby Cherry Red Slight
Miniature Sun Sprinkles Bright Yellow Moderate

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