Mollis Hybrid Deciduous Azalea
Mollis Hydrid Deciduous Azalea

Our climate is suitable for growing these beautiful, evergreen flowering shrubs. Soil should be well drained with added organic matter and kept evenly moist.

Hotei Rhodo
Hotei Rhodo

Sappho Rhodo
Sappho Rhodo

This following list is intended to give an indication of what we have ordered for 2019. We do not ship our plants, but hope that you will visit us if you find varieties that are of interest to you.

Rhododendron List for 2019

Name Description Bloomtime Approx.
Absolute Citron Stunning yellow blooms with red speckling on upper lobe. May
Alena Large, richly scented snow white flowers strippled with light yellow spots. Late April
Alison Johnston Flowers are golden amber, flushed with pink, foliage is a lovely blue hue in winter. April-May
Anah Kruschke Lavender blue to reddish purple flower with red spots. Late May
Anna Rose Whitney Dark rose buds. Deep rose-pink/light brown spotting upper lobe. Late May
Anne Goss Dark pink buds open to light pink. Heavy bloomer. June
Augustine Hobbie Upright rhodo with light blue flowers. Early May
augustinii Marine Beautiful clouds of purple blue flowers on an upright plant with small dark green leaves. April-May
Azurro Rich purple flowers with prominent red blotch, glossy green foliage, tight, compact habit. June
Baden Baden Waxy cherry red/dark eye or spotting & veining. Late April
Bashful (yak x) One of the seven dwarfs in the yak series; low spreading plant with rosepink flowers fading to near white. May-June
Besse Howells Rosy red frilled flowers, darker blotch. Plentiful trusses. Mid April
Blue Baron Striking, near-blue flowers on hardy, compact plant. Glossy foliage turns bronze colour in winter. Late April
Blue Boy Vibrant violet blooms with wavy edges, almost black blotch, tight rounded trusses, upright habit. Mid-late June
Blue Pacific Blue-purple flower has deep black-purple blotch. Outstanding truss. Early June
Bob's Blue Small electric blue flowers, rich maroon leaves in winter. May
Boule de Neige Slightly frilled white flowers with yellow-green spotting. Early May
bureavii (yak x) Flowers are pink fading to almost white, attactive indumentum on leaves, nice form. March-April
Busuki Crowns of deep red trusses decorate this hardy mounding plant. May-June
campylogynum Wide bell shaped flowers; creamy white to red. Compact. Late April
campylogynum Dwarf Very dwarf rhodo with tiny thimble-sized, waxy looking rosy-purple flowers in spring. Late April
Canadian Sunset Red buds open to salmon orange flowers, fade to creamy yellow, compact. May-June
Capistrano Clear yellow flowers. Late May
Carmen Buds as young plant. Flowers are dark red. Late April
Cary Ann (yak x) Lovely clusters of cherry pink to red blooms; compact habit. Late April
Cat. Boursault Rose lilac blooms, sturdy, dependable variety. Late May
Cat. Grandiflorum Lilac rose flowers in June. Hardy, vigorous and very showy. Late May-mid June
Cheer Shell pink trusses with red blotch in flower throat. Full vigorous habit. April
Cherries and Merlot Glowing red flowers, glossy dark green leaves with red purple on the underside. April
Cherry Cheesecake Large white flowers with red edge & red blotch, large lush foliage. Stunning. May
Cilpinense Deep forest green leaves. Blush pink flowers. Mid March-April
Cinnabarinum Orange Waxy, deep orange lax bell shaped flowers. Greyish-green foliage known for its year around aroma of cinnamon and camphor. May
Cinnabarinum Red Cinnabar red, narrow, bell shaped flowers. Greyish green foliage known for its year around aromoa of cinnamon and camphor. May
Cody Ruffled pink with lighter pink throat, orange spotting. May
Colonel Coen Deep purple flowers with black blotch, upright plant, grows well and buds at an early age. Mid May-June
Conroy Light orange flowers flushed apricot-red waxy texture, bluish tinge to foliage. Late May
Coral Mist Strong red buds open to bicolour flowers of soft yellow with pinky purple edging March-April
Cornell Pink(mucronulatum) Deciduous rhodo. Masses of clear pink blooms on bare branches, leafing out after blooms have finished. Feb.-March
Cosmopolitan Pink flowers with deep red blotch, foliage is glossy and attractive. May-June
Cream Crest Hardy and vigorous; has alluring bright creamy yellow flowers. Compact habit. Late April
Crete (yak x) Deep  pink buds open to soft mauve flowers which fade to white. Grayish leaves. May-June
Cunningham's Blush Blush pink to pale mauve flowers with red/brown freckling; dark green foliage. Compact, dense plant. May
Cunningham's White Buds flush pink/mauve. Pink fading to white/broad pale yellow-green-brown markings on upper lobe. Late May
Dark Lord Deep burgundy, maroon blooms. Vigorous upright growth. May
Dolcemente Ruffled salmon pink blooms with yellow throat. Frilled flower edges. May
Dreamland (yak x) Prolific bloomer. Frilly, pale pink flowers with darker edge, pale pink to white calyx. Low and compact. May-June
Ebony Pearl Incredible foliate, glossy. Mauve pink blooms fading to white at edges. May
Edith Bosley Dark purple blooms with deep green leaves. Upright and well branching habit. May
Elisabeth Hobbie Lax trusses of scarlet bell shaped flowers. Leather foliage on compact plant. Late April
Elisabeth Red Foliage Red, tubular flowers. Rebloooms in fall. Late April
English Roseum Vigorous tough hybrid. Soft rosy lavender flowers. Mid June
Eruption Red-pink buds open to hot pink flowers with white center. Compact growth. May
Ever Red Waxy dark red-purple flowers; dark reddish purple leaves. Compact. Slow growing. April-May
Fantastica (yak x) Strong rose colour fading to white towards centre. Woolly indementum on long leaves. Late May
Fashion Plate Large yellow, fragrant blooms. Can tolerate heat. May-June
Fastigiatum (impeditum) This is a dense, low mound covered with lilac purple flowers. Lovely alpine. May
Festivo Soft yellow with red markings. Trusses of 12-14 flowers. Slow growing variety. May-June
Fire Rim Cream blooms with rich cream shaded center and shadow edge of red. Great new low growing specimen.  May
Firestorm Red buds open to red flowers.Wide habit. Olive green foliage. May
Florence Parks Abundant dark purple flowers on vigorous shrub. Deep green foliage. May
Gartendirecktor Glocker Low growing plant. Pink flowers with deeper pink edging. Attractive foliage. May
Ginny Gee 1" pink flowers are dappled white inside and out. Small leave. One of heaviest blooming varieties. Late April
Gold Prinz Compact yak x, rose pink buds open to wavy golden blooms with burgundy markings. April
Golden Gate Dark salmon red buds, lovely yellow to orange shading in flowers. Compact growth habit. May
Golden Torch (yak x) Warm pink buds open to delightful, soft yellow flowers, light brown indumentum on undersides of leaves. Mid May
Goldflimmer Variegated foliate; mauve ruffled flowers. May
Goldstrike Tubular flowers have bright yellow exterior and buttercup yellow interiors. An unusual plant. May
Gomer Waterer One of the best whites; pink buds open white and retain a hint of pink till mature. Mid May-June
groenlandicum Compactum Compact, native bog, evergreen. Small white blooms, rusty-toned woolly branching leaves. May-June
Grumpy Yellow flowers with a pink tinge, dark green foliate. May-June
Hachmann's Belona Compact yak x, profuse flowers of bright purple pink. May-June
Hachmann's Marlis Flowers have deep purplish pink margins and pale rose interiors, white markings and gold speckles. Late May
Hackmann's Picobello Compact ruffled 3" blooms, white as snow with blackberry eye, glossy, dark green foliage. June
Hachmann's Polaris Carmine red buds open to light fuchsia/pink flowers. Blooms heavily. Dense, hairy foliage. May-June
Hallelujah Frilled bright rose red flowers. A superb rhodo. May-June
Hansel Salmon-orange flowers with good foliage. Late May
Harvest Moon Upright habit. Creamy yellow blooms with reddish flare, glossy, yellowish green textured leaves. May
Hellikki Profuse violet red flowers cover this plant.. Early June
Helsinki University Bright pink flowers with orange-red dots, reddish new growth matures deep green. Very hardy. May
Hill's Bright Red Vibrant red blooms on red stems and dark green leaves. New growth is also red. April
Holden Rose red flowers with a small red spot, deep green foliage. Compact habit. Mid March-April
Holden's Solar Flare Strong upright plant. Distinctive yellow flowers with red blotch. Prominent red flower buds in winter. May
Holden's Spring Herald Soft pinkish white flowers, burgundy red blotch, exceptionally large leaves. April
Honey Butter Soft yellow center, edged with darker pink, wavy edges. May-June
Hoopla Trusses of pink flowers with yellow throat. May
Horizon Monarch Very heavy, gigantic trusses of greenish yellow flowers, with small vivid red flare. Opens from red scarlet buds. May-June
Hotei Canary yellow/darker yellow throat/prominent yellow calyx. Plant in well-drained soil. May-June
Ilam Violet Deep violet-blue. Winter foliage is bronze. This rhodo needs good drainage. May-June
Impeditum Blue purple flowers with silver-grey foliage. Very dwarf habit. Late April
Ingrid Mehiquist Ruffled, soft pink blooms, leaves have bronze indumentum. May-June
Ivory Coast Pale greenish ivory flowers age to white. Small elliptic light green leaves. Nice early bloomer. March
J.M. deMontague Scarlet red/slight dark speckling on upper lobe. Ruffled edges. One of the best red forms. May
Jingle Bells Red buds. Scarlet-orange flowers fading to apricot-yellow, red throat. May
Kabarett Large, frilled, lilac pink flowers with burgundy blotch in flower. Shiny, large, deep green leaves. May
kaempferi Pink Treasure Compact, upright habit. Glossy green leaves turn shades of red in fall. Pink pendulum flowers. April-May
Kalinka (yak x) Bright red buds opening to rose pink flowers with darker edges. Brown indumentum. May-June
Karin Triplett Well branched shrub with trusses of 10-12 aureolin yellow flowers surrounded by a calyx. May-June
keleticum Small flowers of deep purple crimson, compact, excellent for bonsai use. May-June
Ken Janeck One of the best yak forms, rich pink flowers, heavily indumented foliage. May
Kodiak Silvery white trusses on compact plant. Deep green foliage. May-June
Kokardia Strongly pink-mauve flowers are flecked ruby red with dark red-brown blotch. May-June
Landmark Wavy-edged deep fuschia-pink blooms. Good sun tolerance. Dark green leaves turn bronze in colder months. April-May
Lee's Best Purple Noted for its nice smooth, dark and glossy foliage. Deep purple flowers. June
Lee's Dark Purple Deep, dark royal purple flowers, wavy foliage, a favourite for many years. Late May
Lemon Dream Yellow flowers. Low spreading plant.Likes acidic soil. May
Lisetta A red's red; electrifying red flowers bloom midseason. Deep green foliage. Late May
Looking Glass (yak x) Deep red buds opening to deep pink blooms with frilled edges. May
Lori Eichelser Outstanding hybrid. Large flowers cover the little plant with cherry pink bells. Late April
Makinoi Superb foliage. Leaves long and narrow up to 7 inches. Soft pink flowers with red spotting. May-June
Mardis Gras 3" white flowers with a pink blush. Fairly large leaves. Compact habit. May-June
Mary Lou Slow growing plant; Large blooms of many shades of beige, yellow, orange and pink. May
Medusa A most beautiful shade of orange cascading flowers. Greyish green foliage. May
Mendosina Trusses of reddish purple blooms. Deep red flare.Compact, spreading. Early May
Minnetonka Reddish purple edges shading to pale lavender pink in throat. Compact habit. Mid April-May
Moerheim Beauty Violet flowers on a compact plant, leaves turn maroon in winter. Makes a good bonsai. April-May
Molly Ann Rosy crimson, lightly freckled on the upper petals.Buds heavily Mid April-May
Nancy Evans Orange red buds open to amber yellow tones. Stunning! May
New Century Compact shrub, excellent foliage, pale yellow blooms with a sunny yellow center. May
Nova Zembla Vigorous and showy red flowers. Good foliage. May-June
Ooh Gina Frilled pink flowers with rose margin and red blotch held in rounded trusses. Bronzy new foliage. June
Oreotrephes Luminous lilac-purple trumpets; sometimes pink. Juvenile growth is a beautiful blue-green. Mid April-May
Patty Bee Small leaves, clear yellow flowers. One of the best dwarf yellows. Mid April-May
Pemakoense Dwarf shrub. Funnel shaped, pinkish purple flowers. Easy to grow variety from Tibet. Jan-Feb.
Peppermint Twist Red buds open to wavy edged pink flowers with white throat. Early April
Percy Wiseman Showy. Trusses of peachy yellow flowers which fade gradually to white. Excellent plant. May
Pink Parasol (yak x) Deep purplish pink buds produce white flowers. Compact yak type. April-May
Pink Porcelain Soft pink flowers on a compact plant. Rhodos like acid soil May-June
PJM Checkmate Bright lavender pink flowers contrast nicely against dark mahogany winter foliage. March-April
PJM Compacta Bright lavender pink flowers contrast nicely against dark mahogany winter foliage. Compact form. March-April
PJM Elite Flowers are same as PJM Checkmate but is later blooming. April
PJM Elite Star Similar to PJM Elite but more vibrant purple-pink. April
PJM Regal Vivid light purplish-pink flowers contrast nicely against dark mahogany winter foliage. March-April
Pohjola's Daughter Fuchsia pink buds open to shell pink, slowly turning white. Compact, mounding habit. April-May
Polarnacht Funnel shaped, frilled pruple flowers cover a shrub twice as wide as tall Hachmann hybrid. Late May
President Roosevelt Green foliage has golden accents, frilly red flowers have white center. Mid April-May
Purple Gem Deep violet purple, small flowers, slight rust coloured foliage. April-May
Purple Passion Deep, rich purple flowers with dark disease-resistant foliage.Good for woodland setting April-May
Purpureum Elegans Showy red purple flowers, rapidly growing shrub. Good variety for hedge or divider. May-June
Queen Alice Cherry red buds open to rosy pink flowers. Compact Late May
Rabatz Fiery red blooms on a sturdy plant.Black spots on dorsal petal, white stamens add interest. Late May-June
Ramapo Tiny, pinkish violet flowers cover dusty blue leaves, outstanding dwarf form. Grows taller in shade. Mid April-May
Rangoon 2" medium to dark red flowers, held in trusses of up to 8. March-April
Redwood Large white blooms with soft pink stamens and spotting, glossy foliage on red stems. May
Rex Tree like shrub with large leaves, flowers range from cream to white tinged with rose. Late April
Rocket Frilled, vibrant pink flowers with scarlet blotch are set in a cone shaped truss. May-June
Rosamundi Soft pink flowers appear at the same time as snowdrops. Compact plant. Feb-March
Roseum elegans Medium sized trusses of rosy lilac flowers, heat and cold tolerant. June
Royston Red Rich rose pink flowers with darker spotting are held along stems and tips, gray green leaves. Mid April-May
Ruby Hart Dark red flowers on a compact plant, deep glossy green foliage. Mid April-May
Saffrano Pale yellow flowers open from bright orange-red buds.Compact growth, glossy green leaves. May
Sapporo Very pale purple flowers aging to white. Prominent deep purplish red blotch. Late May
Scarlet Wonder Glossy green leaves on a compact plant, well covered with brilliant scarlet red flowers. May-June
Scintillation Beautiful pink flowers with flared marking. Strongly growing plant. Lovely in bloom. Slightly fragrant. May-June
September Song Lovely orange trusses of bloom. Unusual colour. Lots of flowers. Compact plant. May
Seta Lovely display in early spring of soft pink tubular flowers with deep candy pink shading. March-April
Shamrock Chartreuse flowers with light yellow spotting; extremely compact. Late March
sinogrande Spectacular rhodo. Definitely a collector's! Creamy white to pale yellow,with crimson basal blotch. March-April
Sir Charles Lemon Pure ivory flowers. Lovely foliage. Cinnamon indumentum. Leaves unfold white. Good all year interest. April-May
Skookum Globe shaped trusses of pure deep red flowers, white filaments, rounded habit. Early May
Slam Dunk Frilly, rose coloured flowers with dark blotch, vigorous, cold hardy variety. May
Sneezy Compact habit, soft pink flowers with darker margins, dark red blotch on upper petals. May
Snow Lady Soft, fuzzy green leaves, white flowers resemble new fallen snow. Buds easily. March-April
Solidarity Red buds open pink, fade to almost white. Outstanding hybrid rhodo. May
Sugar Puff Loads of pure white flowers. Bright red stems in winter. May-June
Sun Silk Bright pink flowers with deeper pink on edges, dark blotches, spreading habit. May
Sweet Sue Pink buds open to light pink bell-shaped flowers with a freckling of scarlet. May-June
Tapestry Wavy edged flowers of deep lavender, accented by deeper eyes.Free flowering and hardy. May-June
Taurus Magnificent shrub. Glowing red flowers with black speckling, deep red buds in winter Mid April-May
Teddy Bear (yak x) Delicate pink flowers. Dark green foliage with light dusting of reddish indumentum. Compact. Mid April-May
Titian Beauty Bright red flowers on a plant with small leaves and an erect, compact habit. May-June
Tortoiseshell Attractive orange-red flowers. Nice for a woodland setting. May-June
Trilby Deep crimson flowers with black markings, leaves have attractive red stems. Mid May-June
Unique Pink buds open to buttery cream flowers which can almost totally hide the oblong leaves. Mid April-May
Virginia Richards  Opens pink turning to yellow with a crimson blotch. Compact habit. Healthy grower. May-June
Vulcan's Flame Bright red flowers on a deep green shrub. Red stems. May-June
War Dance Vivid red flowers accented with black dorsal blotch and freckles. Trusses of 17-21. May
Whitney's Orange Orange flowers with a hint of salmon, a lovely colour. Low habigt. Interesting curling leaves. Early-late June
Wild Ginger Full rounded trusses of orange flowers. New rhodo. Mid April-May
Willbrit Deep pink flowers have a lighter edge, attractive, light green foliage. May-June
Wine and Roses Demi dwarf compact new hybrid with pink trusses. Underside of leaves are bright red-purple. April-May
Wojnar's Purple Vivid reddish purple flowers with darker margins. Compact plant. March-April
Wren Low growing rhodo with delicate yellow flowers held in small, erect trusses. April-May
Yaku Prince 2 l/4" pink flowers are blotched paler pink with reddish orange spotting. 14 flower rounded truss. May-June
Yaku Princess 2 l/2" Apple blossom pink flowers. Rosy pink blush with greenish spots. Ball shaped truss. May-June
Yellow Petticoats Clear, deep yellow frilly flowers cover compact plant. Attractive all year around. May-June

Updated: December 2018

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