Pond Products

Fish pond with bridge

We are pleased to offer an excellent variety of water plants and fish as well as pond hardware.

Pond Plants

From May to September we carry a complete selection of water plants, restocked regularly by leading aquatic plant growers. We carry marginal plants, water lilies (red, pink, yellow and white), Floaters and Oxygenators (e.g. water hyacinth, water lettuce, duckweed), Deep Aquatic Plants (e.g. water hawthorn, floating heart) and Tropical Water Plants (e.g. black magic). A healthy pond is created by a good selection of water plants.

Pond Plants
Pond Plants

Pond Hardware

Whether starting out in water gardening or upgrading an existing pond, we carry a full range of pond supplies from liners to pumps to filters and water conditioning products.

Pond liner is available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 foot widths and can be sold by the foot up to 200 feet long. We carry a good variety of pumps for ponds and fountains, filters, UV lights, skimmers, and pond lights. Brand Names include Atlantic, Laguna, AquaScape, Microbe Lift, Oase, Fountain Systems, and Pond Master. For plumbing your ponds we also carry fittings, hoses and clamps in non kink, vinyl and flexible PVC pipe.

Water Plants
Water plants

Pond Fish

Our fish are now located inside the store where they can live happily year around! Available are: koi, comet, shubunkin and sarasa comet goldfish. We also carry fish food and water treatments.

Fish Pond
Fish pond

Pond Vacuums for Rent

Do you need sludge and debris removed from your pond? We have two rental vacuums.

  • Pond Vac 4 is $45.99 for a 2 day rental. There is a $50 refundable deposit required. This vacuum is good for vacuuming solids e.g. leaves, soil, fir, needles, etc.
  • Pond Vac 5 is $49.99 for a 2 day rental. There is a $50 refundable deposit required. This vacuum is used for green slime, string algae mainly.

Vacuuming is usually done in summer when the fish are at their healthiest; but can be done all year round with instruction from our pond staff.

Topiary Fish

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery