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Tomato List for 2019

This will be all the tomatoes that we are growing this year. We will not have every tomato that is listed at one time, so if you have a particular preference, please place an order so that you don't miss out!

Definitions: OP means Open Pollinated. Number of days is from transplant. Indeterminate means a vining tomato that produces over a long period of time. Determinate means that there is a concentrated fruit set. Our tomatoes are grown in organic soil with organic fertilizer, with no sprays at all.

  • Alpha: 69 days. Indeterminate heirloom. OP. Prolific and early. Good for home and market gardens. Smooth skinned pink fruit weighs up to 14 oz.
  • Amish Paste: 89 days. Indeterminate heirloom. OP. 8-12 oz. fruit varies in shape fromoxheart to plum. Juice meaty flesh.
  • Berkeley Tie Dye: 75 days. Indeterminate. OP. Large beefsteak fruit are portwine coloured with bright green stripes. Sweet full flavour. Good for slicing.
  • Black Beauty: 80 days. Indeterminate. OP. 10-14 oz. fruit blue black skin with meaty savoury deep red flesh. Stores well.
  • Big Beef: 73 days. Indeterminate hybrid. Large red uniform fruit with old fashioned flavour weights 9 oz. and up. Good disease resistance.
  • Black Cherry: 64 days. OP. Vigorous vine needs a tall cage. Rich, sweet dynamic flavour.
  • Black Icicle: 75 days. Indeterminate heirloom looks like a roma, tastes like a beefsteak. Needs to be staked early.
  • Black Krim: 80 days. Indeterminate. OP. Vines need staking or cages. Smokey flavour. Good slicing and eating fresh.
  • Black: 85 days. OP. Indeterminate vigorous. Soft fruit is 3-4 inches round and very sweet.
  • Bush Early Girl: 60 days. Determinate hybrid. Good choice for containers. Grows many 3 inch round red fruit.
  • Brandywine: 80 days. OP. Indeterminate vigorous large plant produces large delicious beefsteak sized fruit.
  • Bush Beefsteak: 72 days. Determinate. OP. Solid fleshed fruit perfect for sandwich slicing. Vigorous bushy plants.
  • Celebrity: 65 days. Determinate Hybrid produces long trusses with clusters of 20 or more plump robust red tomatoes. Cages needed.
  • Cherokee Purple: 80 days. Indeterminate. OP. No skin cracking. Drought tolerant 8 oz. medium pink/purple heirloom fruit.
  • Costoluto Fiorentine: 80 days. OP. Indeterminate Italian heirloom. Produces 4" wide, 2" high bright red juicy pleated fruit. Performs well in heat or cool. Makes excellent sauce.
  • Cour di Bue: 85 days. OP. Indeterminate. Oxheart up to half a pound each tomato. Dense flesh is tasty for sauces and slicing.
  • Dark Galaxy: 75 days. Indeterminate hybrid. Beautiful mottled skin on 6 oz. fruit. Vines grow 5 feet tall producing tangy sweet fruit with red and orange stripes overlaid with blue.
  • Elfin: 60 days. Determinate. OP version of grape tomato with the same sweet flavour, size and shape.
  • Early Girl: 50 days. Indeterminate hybrid. Very early and consistent producer of round red 4 inch fruit until frost.
  • Fantastic. 65 days. Indeterminate hybrid. Tasy globe shaped medium sized fruit. Good producer is excellent for canning.
  • Gold Nugget: 56 days. OP. Determinate plant grows well in cool weather. Prolific yields of golden ping pong sized fruit. Ideal for small gardens and containers.
  • Gardeners Delight: 72 days. Indeterminate. OP. clusters of red crack resistant large cherries until frost. Needs cage or staking.
  • Juliet: 60 days. Indeterminate. Produces enormous clusters of miniature roma like tomatoes. Lovely flavour and endless harvest from this rampant plant.
  • Lola: 80 days. Indeterminate. Our choice for greenhouse growing big plump 8 oz. fruit are bright red with a delicate flavour.
  • Moneymaker: 75 days. OP. Indeterminate. Old English heirloom grows continuous heavy yields of deep red clusters of six to ten 4-6 oz. fruits. Thrives in greenhouses and adapts to outside very well.
  • Oregon Star: 70 days. OP. Determinate. We save this seed year after year because this is a meaty proific fruit that tastes amazing and is great for canning, freezing, sauces or just eating!
  • Oregon Spring: 65 days. OP. Determinate. Parthenocarpic means it does not need to be pollinated to set fruit. Takes some cold, so can plant early and so sets fruit earlier than most.
  • Patio: 70 days. Determinate hybrid. Dwarf compact plant is great for containers. Produces full sized smooth firm medium sized tomatoes.
  • Pineapple: 85 days. Indeterminate. OP. Productive heirloom beefsteak tomato has huge golden tomatoes that are solid with few seeds. Great taste.
  • Riesentraube: 70 days. Indeterminate. OP. German heirloom produces bunches of up to 40 one inch sweet rich grape tomatoes to a cluster.
  • Roma: 70 days. OP. Determinate. Heavy clusters of plum tomatoes excellent for sauces and drying.
  • Rutgers Space Select: 75 days. OP. Semi Determinate. 3 inch red slicing tomatoes. Descended from seeds NASA sent to orbit earth for 6 years.
  • Saltspring Sunrise: 70 days. Determinate. OP. Local heirloom produces red globe shaped fruit with low acid and light flavour. Early producer.
  • Super Fantastic: 85 days. Indeterminate hybrid. Produces very heavy yields of juicy meaty fruit with good flavour and no cracks or green shoulders. Needs more heat and time to finish completely.
  • Sungold: 65 days. Indeterminate. Need lots of support for these sweet tropical tasting fruit.
  • San Marzano: 85 days. Indeterminate heirloom. Produces long 3 l/2 inch paste tomatoes with mild and meaty flesh. Good for paste and canning. High yields.
  • Siletz: 60 days. Determinate. OP. Improved Oregon Spring type. Uniform 3 inch fruit with fine flavour. This bush keeps producing a long time. Disease resistant.
  • Stupice: 60 days. Indeterminate. OP. Small to medium sized fruits are sweet and extra early. Good choice for greenhouse or home garden. Czech bred from the 1970's.
  • Sweet 100: 60 days. Indeterminate. Grows to 6 feet or more. Produces huge trusses of 1 inch red cherry tomatoes. an enthusiastic plant. Water evenly to control tendency of skin to crack.
  • Sweet Million: 60 days. Indeterminate. Grows to 4-6 feet tall. Produces huge trusses of 1 inch red cherry tomatoes. More crack resistant than Sweet 100.
  • Taxi: 65 days. OP. Determinate plant produces meaty golden, 6 oz. fruit that is mild and low acid.
  • Tiny Tim: 60 days. OP. Determinate dwarf plant is very suitable for containers. Produces many tart tiny tomatoes. Excellent for containers and patios.
  • Toma Verde: 70 days. OP. Determinate. Extremely productive bushes. Firm fruits are good raw but most often cooked as a salsa verde. Expect lots of fruit set mid to late summer so good timing for canning.

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