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Powdery Mildew

Occasionally we all experience the frustration of powdery mildew on a myriad of plants. Especially susceptible are begonias, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and beans. Powdery mildew is recognizable as white powdery spots on leaves. It can spread rapidly and new growth is especially susceptible. It may not necessarily kill the plant, but it will surely slow and stop growth, and it is not pretty!

Here are a few hints:

  • Avoid excess nitrogen fertilizer. This encourages lots of soft new growth.
  • When planting, plan for good air circulation.
  • Don't water the leaves! Water the ground around the plant. Don't water in the evening. Water in the morning, allowing time for the leaves to dry.
  • Remove diseased leaves where possible, disposing of them in the garbage, not in the compost.
  • Apply fungicide at the first sign of the disease.

We offer some good products such as Safer's Defender Fungicide and Natria, which has bacillus as the active ingredient. Both of these products are safe and easy to use. Always follow the directions. always read the fungicide instructions carefully!

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