Fruit Trees

The following fruit trees are what we have available as of May 21, 2020. The "S/O" behind the Variety names means that we are currently SOLD OUT of that variety.

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Espaliered Apples growing along fence
Espaliered Apples

Grape vines

Red Haven peaches
Early Red Haven Peaches

Fruit Trees for Southern Vancouver Island

Fruit Type Variety
Apple Akane
Apple Braeburn     S/O
Apple Bramley's Seedling
Apple Chehalis      S/O
Apple Chehalis - Dwarf     S/O
Apple Cider Dabinette
Apple Cider Medaille d'Or
Apple Cider Yarlington Mill
Apple Combination Apple 4 Way
Apple Comb. Apple Esp. 3 Tier   S/O
Apple Cox Orange
Apple Elstar       S/O
Apple Florina     S/O
Apple Fuji
Apple Ginger Gold     S/O
Apple Golden Delicious
Apple Golden Reinette
Apple Golden Russet
Apple Golden Sentinal - Columnar
Apple Gravenstein     S/O
Apple Honeycrisp - Dwarf       S/O
Apple King
Apple Liberty      S/O
Apple MacIntosh
Apple Mutsu
Apple Pristine
Apple Red Delicious
Apple Redfree
Apple Red Gravenstein
Apple Red Northern Spy
Apple Royal Gala       S/O
Apple Rosy Glow
Apple Scarlet Sentinal-Columnar  S/O
Apple Spartan
Apple Spartan - Dwarf      S/O
Apple Sunrise
Apple Rootstock B 118    S/O
Apple Rootstock Malling 9 (M9)  S/O
Apple - Heritage
Apple Adam's Pearman   S/O
Apple Blenheim Orange
Apple Devonshire Quarrenden
Apple Duchess of Oldenburg    S/O
Apple Esopus Spitzenburg
Apple Freedom
Apple Gloria Mundi
Apple Grenadier      S/O
apple Lemon Pippin     S/O
Apple Strumer Pippin      S/O
Apple Wolf River      S/O
Apple Worchester Pearman     S/O
Apple Yellow Bellflower    S/O
Apricot Tilton        SOLD OUT
Cherry Bing
Cherry Combination Cherry-4way S/O
Cherry Compact Stella    S/O
Cherry Glacier
Cherry Lapins
Cherry Rainier      S/O
Cherry Stella        S/O
Cherry Royal Ann - Gisela dwarf   S/O
Cherry Stella - Gisela dwarf 
Cherry Surefire - Gisela dwarf      S/O
Cherry Sweetheart - Gisela dwarf  S/O
Cherry Comb.4 way Gisela dwarf  S/O
Cherry-So Montmorency    S/O
Cherry - So Schatten Morello
Crabapple Dolgo
Crabapple Kerr
Crabapple Whitney     S/O
Fig Black Italian     S/O
Fig Black Jack
Fig Black Mission     S/O
Fig Black Spanish
Fig Desert King
Fig Lattarulla
Fig Miss Figgy     S/O
Fig Negronne
Fig Neverella
Fig Osborne Prolific    S/O
Fig Peter's Honey
Fig Stella
Fig Vern's Brown Turkey
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad Combination of 4 types  S/O
Medlar Hope to have in Spring 2021
Mulberry Contorted
Mulberry Illinois Everbearing - Tree
Mulberry Persian Black -Tree   S/O
Nectarine Earliblaze    Sold Out
Nectarine Firebrite     Sold Out
Nectarine Red Gold    Sold Out
Nut Butternut - Juglans cinerea
Nut Chestnut - Chinese 
Nut Hazelnut - Gamma
Nut Hazelnut - Jefferson   S/O
Nut Hazelnut - Theta     S/O
Nut Hazelnut - Yamhill
Nut Heartnut - Juglans sieboldiana
Nut Walnut - Cascade
Nut Walnut -  Black
Nut Walnut - Manregion
Nut Walnut - Persian
Olive Arbequina
Olive Leccino
Peach Coconut Ice  White Flesh  S/O
Peach Red Haven   Sold Out
Peach Veteran   Sold Out
Pear Anjou     S/O
Pear Clapp's Favourite
Pear Combination 4 Way   S/O
Pear Conference
Pear Espalier 3 Tier Combo   S/O
Pear Flemish Beauty
Pear Red Bartlett/Red Sensation S/O
Pear Reddy Robin 
Pear Rescue
Pear Sierra
Pear - Asian Chojuro
Pear - Asian Combination - 4 Way    S/O
Pear - Asian Espalier - 3 Tier
Pear - Asian Hosui 
Pear - Asian Kosui
Pear - Asian Nijisseiki (20th Century)
Pear - Asian Shinseiki    S/O
Plum Beauty (Japanese) - Sold Out
Plum Italian (European) - Sold Out
Plum Mirabelle  - Sold Out
Quince Champion
Quince Le Borgeot   S/O

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery