Fruit Trees

The following fruit trees are currently in stock as of the beginning of March. Please note that we only offer delivery on southern Vancouver Island. Before you make a special trip, check for current availability of fruit trees by contacting us at .

Espaliered Apples growing along fence
Espaliered Apples

Grape vines

Red Haven peaches
Early Red Haven Peaches

Fruit Trees for Southern Vancouver Island

Fruit Type Variety
Apple Ambrosia
Apple Bramley's Seedling
Apple Chehalis
Apple Chehalis - Dwarf
Apple Combination Apple 4 Way
Apple Comb. Apple Esp. 3 Tier
Apple Cox Orange
Apple Elstar
Apple Florina
Apple Fuji
Apple Fuji - Dwarf
Apple Fuji - Espalier 2 tier
Apple Gala
Apple Gala - Dwarf
Apple Golden Delicious
Apple Golden Gala (Aurora)
Apple Golden Sentinal - Columnar
Apple Gravenstein
Apple Gravenstein - Dwarf
Apple Gravenstein Espalier 2 Tier
Apple Honeycrisp
Apple Honeycrisp - Dwarf
Apple Honeycrisp - Esp. 2 Tier
Apple Jonafree
Apple Jonagold
Apple King
Apple Liberty
Apple Liberty Dwarf
Apple McIntosh
Apple Mutsu
Apple Pristine
Apple Red Delicious
Apple Redfree
Apple Red Gravenstein
Apple Red Northern Spy
Apple Royal Gala
Apple Rosy Glow
Apple Salish - Dwarf
Apple Scarlet Sentinal - Columnar
Apple Spartan
Apple Spartan - Dwarf
Apple Spartan - Espalier 2 tier
Apple Yellow Transparent
Apricot Harcot
Apricot Harglow
Apricot Tilton
Apricot Wenatchee (Moorpark)
Cherry Angela
Cherry Bing
Cherry Combination Cherry - 4 way
Cherry Compact Stella
Cherry Early Burlat
Cherry Glacier
Cherry Lapins
Cherry Rainier
Cherry Stella
Cherry Stella - Compact
Cherry Sweetheart
Cherry Angela - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Bing - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Glacier - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Lapins - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Rainier - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Royal Ann - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Stella - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Surefire - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Comb. 4 way Gisela dwarf 
Cherry - H Juliet - Dwarf
Cherry - H Romeo - Dwarf
Cherry - So Montmorency
Cherry - So Schatten Morello
Crabapple Dolgo
Crabapple Kerr
Crabapple Whitney 
Fig Black Italian
Fig Black Jack
Fig Black Mission
Fig Black Spanish
Fig Desert King
Fig Kadota
Fig Negronne
Fig Osborne Prolific
Fig Peter's Honey
Fig Patite Negra
Fig Vern's Brown Turkey
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad Combination of 4 types
Medlar Breda Giant
Mulberry Illinois Everbearing - Tree
Mulberry Italian - Tree
Mulberry Persian Black Mulberry-Tree
Mulberry White - Tree
Nectarine Golden Prolific - Dwarf
Nut Almond - Hall's Hardy
Nut Almond - Texas Mission
Nut Butternut - Juglans cinerea
Nut Chestnut - Chinese 
Nut Hazelnut - Gamma
Nut Hazelnut - Jefferson
Nut Hazelnut - Theta
Nut Hazelnut - Yamhill
Nut Heartnut - Juglans sieboldiana
Nut Pecan - Desirable
Nut Walnut - Cascade
Nut Walnut  Cook's Giant Sweet
Nut Walnut -  Eastern Black
Nut Walnut - Manregion
Olive Arbequina
Olive Leccino
Peach Coconut Ice - White Flesh
Peach Frost
Peach Galaxy
Peach Redhaven
Peach Veteran
Pear Anjou
Pear Bartlett
Pear Bosc
Pear Clapp's Favourite
Pear Combination 4 Way
Pear Conference
Pear  Espalier - 3 Tier Combination
Pear Flemish Beauty
Pear Moonglow
Pear Orcas
Pear Red Bartlett
Pear Red Bartlett - Espalier 2 Tier
Pear Rescue
Pear Sierra
Pear - Asian Chojuro
Pear - Asian Combination - 4 Way
Pear - Asian Espalier - 3 Tier
Pear - Asian Hosui
Pear - Asian Kosui
Pear - Asian Nijisseiki (20th Century)
Pear - Asian Shinseiki
Plum Beauty (Japanese)
Plum Blue Damson (European)
Plum Gold Plum
Plum Green Gage (European)
Plum Italian (European)
Plum Mirabelle
Plum Peach Plum (European)
Plum Redheart
Plum Santa Rosa
Plum Satsuma
Plum Seneca (European)
Plum Shiro (Japanese)
Plum Stanley (European)
Plum Yellow Egg (European)
Quince Champion
Quince Le Borgeot

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery