Fruit Trees

The following fruit trees which are marked with an asterik (*) are currently in stock as of the beginning of September. Please note that we only offer delivery on southern Vancouver Island. Before you make a special trip, check for current availability of fruit trees by contacting us at .

Espaliered Apples growing along fence
Espaliered Apples

Grape vines

Red Haven peaches
Early Red Haven Peaches

Fruit Trees for Southern Vancouver Island

Fruit Type Variety
Apple Akane *
Apple Akane - Espalier 2 tier
Apple Ambrosia - Dwarf *
Apple Braeburn
Apple Bramley's Seedling *
Apple Chehalis *
Apple Chehalis - Dwarf
Apple Combination Apple 4 Way
Apple Comb. Apple Esp. 3 Tier
Apple Cox Orange *
Apple Early Pink Lady
Apple Elstar
Apple Florina *
Apple Fuji *
Apple Fuji - Dwarf *
Apple Fuji - Espalier 2 tier
Apple Gala
Apple Gala - Dwarf
Apple Golden Delicious *
Apple Golden Gala (Aurora)
Apple Golden Russet
Apple Golden Sentinal - Columnar *
Apple Gravenstein
Apple Gravenstein - Dwarf
Apple Gravenstein Espalier 2 Tier *
Apple Honeycrisp
Apple Honeycrisp - Dwarf
Apple Honeycrisp - Esp. 2 Tier
Apple Jonafree *
Apple Jonagold
Apple King
Apple Liberty *
Apple Liberty Dwarf
Apple McIntosh
Apple Mutsu
Apple Pristine *
Apple Red Delicious
Apple Redfree *
Apple Red Gravenstein *
Apple Red Northern Spy
Apple Royal Gala
Apple Rosy Glow
Apple Salish - Dwarf *
Apple Scarlet Sentinal - Columnar *
Apple Spartan *
Apple Spartan - Dwarf *
Apple Spartan - Espalier 2 tier
Apple Sunrise *
Apple Sunrise - Dwarf
Apple Yellow Transparent
Apricot Harcot
Apricot Harglow
Apricot Tilton
Apricot Wenatchee (Moorpark)
Cherry Angela *
Cherry Bing *
Cherry Combination Cherry - 4 way*
Cherry Compact Stella *
Cherry Early Burlat *
Cherry Glacier
Cherry Lapins *
Cherry Rainier *
Cherry Sandra Rose *
Cherry Skeena
Cherry Stella
Cherry Stella - Compact
Cherry Sweetheart *
Cherry Angela - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Bing - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Glacier - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Lapins - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Rainier - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Royal Ann - Gisela dwarf *
Cherry Stella - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Surefire - Gisela dwarf *
Cherry Comb. 3 way - Gisela dwarf
Cherry Comb. 4 way Gisela dwarf 
Cherry Espallier 3 way - Gisela dwarf
Cherry - H Juliet - Dwarf
Cherry - H Romeo - Dwarf *
Cherry - So Montmorency *
Cherry - So Schatten Morello *
Crabapple Dolgo
Crabapple Kerr *
Crabapple Whitney  *
Fig Black Italian
Fig Black Jack
Fig Black Mission
Fig Black Spanish *
Fig Desert King *
Fig Kadota
Fig Negronne *
Fig Peter's Honey
Fig Patite Negra
Fig Vern's Brown Turkey *
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad Combination of 4 types *
Medlar Breda Giant
Mulberry Illinois Everbearing - Tree *
Mulberry Italian - Tree
Mulberry Persian Black Mulberry-Tree*
Mulberry White - Tree
Nectarine Flavourtop *
Nectarine Golden Prolific - Dwarf
Nectarine Hardy Red *
Nut Almond - Hall's Hardy
Nut Almond - Texas Mission
Nut Butternut - Juglans cinerea
Nut Chestnut - Chinese  *
Nut Hazelnut - Gamma *
Nut Hazelnut - Jefferson *
Nut Hazelnut - Theta *
Nut Hazelnut - Yamhill *
Nut Heartnut - Juglans sieboldiana
Nut Pecan - Desirable *
Nut Walnut - Cascade *
Nut Walnut  Cook's Giant Sweet*
Nut Walnut - Manregion *
Olive Arbequina *
Olive Leccino
Peach Coconut Ice - White Flesh
Peach Empress - Dwarf
Peach Frost
Peach Galaxy
Peach Redhaven
Peach Veteran
Pear Anjou
Pear Bartlett
Pear Bartlett Esp. 2 Tier
Pear Bosc *
Pear Bosc - Esp. 2 Tier
Pear Clapp's Favourite *
Pear Combination 4 Way
Pear Comice - Dwarf
Pear Conference
Pear  Espalier - 3 Tier Combination
Pear Flemish Beauty
Pear Orcas
Pear Red Bartlett
Pear Red Bartlett - Espalier 2 Tier
Pear Rescue
Pear Sierra
Pear - Asian Chojuro
Pear - Asian Combination - 4 Way
Pear - Asian Espalier - 3 Tier
Pear - Asian Hosui *
Pear - Asian Kosui *
Pear - Asian Nijisseiki (20th Century) *
Pear - Asian Shinseiki
Plum Beauty (Japanese)
Plum Blue Damson (European) *
Plum Bradshaw (European) *
Plum Gold Plum
Plum Green Gage (European) *
Plum Italian (European) *
Plum Mirabelle
Plum Peach Plum (European)
Plum Redheart
Plum Santa Rosa
Plum Satsuma
Plum Seneca (European)
Plum Shiro (Japanese) *
Plum Stanley (European)
Plum Yakima (European)
Plum Yellow Egg (European) *
Quince Champion
Quince Le Borgeot *

Waterfall outside Dinter Nursery